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As an adolescence, I struggled with weight lost and Irregular menstrual cycles which caused me to gain excessive weight. Oh as you know your body changes tremendously after having kids as well. I remember taking every weight lost program there is and NOT seeing any results. Even tried a drug called phetermine which made me very depressed, upset and even made my heart race very fast. ( I don’t recommend)

I’m sharing my personal journey as a guide For women who are currently struggling with weight lost and/or Interested in having plastic surgery!

I want women to regain their confidence and to feel beautiful inside and out! You’re a bad bitch! I want to be a part of your journey so therefor I'm sharing all of my gems and secrets.

In today’s times where BBL’s and tummy tucks are very popular but no one wants to share their doctor(S) or even tell the truth about getting work done!

You see all the celebrities and influencers with nice bodies and you be like oh yeah that's body goals. OK! You ever asked someone for their surgeon and they act like they forget the information. Well let me tell you, they lied and just do not want to give it up. I’m breaking the cycle & spilling the tea. 2022 let’s normalize having conversation about plastic surgery and doing what’s best for your overall health!

In this guide you will learn how to prepare for surgery and after surgery!


Pre- op supplies

Sourcing the best surgeons

Weight lost pills

Weight loss surgery Mexico

Having surgery overseas ( Dr or Columbia )

Veneers for less ( Teeth )

Post operation

I hope that you truly enjoy this guide😍 I poured all my resources and my personal experience into this guide. I hope that you guys can use some of the information and be on your journey to a badder bitch! Look at your body as a masterpiece, It is art.


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Affordable Guide To Plastic Surgery

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